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 About the Instructor

 I am an Assistant Polk County Attorney and Bureau Chief of the Polk County Attorney's Office Drug and Gang Bureau. I graduated from Iowa State University in 1984 and Drake Universitiy Law School in 1987. I have previously praticed as an Assistant Dallas County Attorney and in private practice with the Whitfield & Eddy Law Firm. I have been an adjunct professor at DMACC teaching criminal law and procedure for three years.

I will use this website to post class information, such as PowerPoints and other material. Please check the site regularly.


by Voogt, Daniel C
 11/16/2011 1:35 PM


There are currently no upcoming events.


  Crim Law - Fall 2011 Syllabus
  Polk County Attorney Website

 Class PowerPoints

Crim Law - Ch  1.pdfCrim Law - Ch 1
Crim Law - Ch  2.pdfCrim Law - Ch 2
Crim Law - Ch  3.pptCrim Law - Ch 3
Crim Law - Ch  4.pptCrim Law - Ch 4
Crim Law - Ch  5.pptCrim Law - Ch 5
Crim Law - Ch  6.pptCrim Law - Ch 6
Chapter 7.2.pptChapter 7.2
Chapter 8.2.pptChapter 8.2
Chapter 9.2.pptChapter 9.2
Chapter 10.2.pptChapter 10.2
Crim Law - Ch  11.pptCrim Law - Ch 11
Crim Law - Ch  12.pptCrim Law - Ch 12
Crim Law - Ch  13.pptCrim Law - Ch 13
Crim Law - Ch  14.pptCrim Law - Ch 14
Crim Law - Ch  15.pptCrim Law - Ch 15
Crim Law - Ch  16.pptCrim Law - Ch 16
Crim Law - Ch  17.pptCrim Law - Ch 17
Crim Law - Ch  18.pptCrim Law - Ch 18
Crim Law - Ch  19.pptCrim Law - Ch 19
Crim Law - Ch  20.pptCrim Law - Ch 20